Our Initiative

Our project’s vision is to create a unifying sustainable living environment that everyone who shares our love for Montréal will be proud of.

For Royalmount to reflect our Montréal spirit and be a source of community pride, your opinion is crucial! 

Over the coming months, we will organize:

  • A series of ideation round tables bringing professionals and experts together;
  • Workshops with citizens; 
  • An online participation campaign through a digital platform. 

We are counting on your help to build the Montréal of tomorrow and make this project a collective success!

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Why announce public participation initiatives only now, and how do you explain the current perception of the project?

We didn’t proactively communicate the aspects of the project that Montrealers wanted to hear about when we announced the project. The timing to begin these public participation initiatives is perfect, as we are moving into the next planning phase.

We are convinced that building homes will clearly enhance the experience and contribute to genuine community life. We want to collect your ideas to ensure that the project meets your expectations. We can build a project for all Montrealers, together.

Why choose an area that is already problematic in terms of mobility?

We want to transform a vehicle-only area into one that facilitates public and active transportation. Yes, it’s a great challenge, but we know it’s possible!

We’re currently working with authorities to ensure that the project will be connected to existing and future transportation networks. We also want to hear your ideas for solutions to these mobility issues. 

Why choose this location for the project?

We are pleased to participate in revitalizing an industrial wasteland and large heat island. We believe that by developing one of the Island of Montréal’s underdeveloped areas, such a project can provide a solution to urban sprawl.

What is your vision on sustainability?

We understand that such a project requires innovation and consideration for environmental impacts. We aim to develop the project using best practices and leading technologies in sustainable development. Our ultimate vision is a carbon-neutral project.

Why compete with an existing commercial and cultural offer in Montréal?

Under no circumstances do we wish to compete with the existing offer. We will make sure to develop an offer that is complementary to what currently exists in the region. 

The current approach aims at surveying several key players in Montréal to ensure the project’s seamless integration into the existing offer.

Will improving the project impact the timeline?  

Ongoing preparatory work will continue for several months. This will allow us to improve the project while ensuring that the project dates are respected.