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We want to hear your ideas on how to make Royalmount an inspiring place to live and a source of pride for the whole community.

Located in the heart of Montreal, Royalmount aims to revitalize a heat island by building an eco-innovative environment in the image of Montrealers.

We need you to make this ambitious project a success. That’s why there are three convenient ways to join the conversation:

1. Participate in the consultations (new date announced).
2. Join the conversation on our Facebook page.
3. Send us your ideas via our feedback form.


Participate in the conversation

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Discover Heart

A heart-to-heart exchange to enrich our thought process

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Mobility: Let’s chat about it.

Royalmount’s ambition is to jump-start the use of public and active transport networks and to help improve infrastructure in order to make them easier to access. We want to hear what you need, as well as your views on the evolution of the current transportation networks.

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Sustainable development: Let’s chat about it.

Rainwater recovery, green roofs, green spaces, closed energy loop – there are numerous options. We’d like to hear your concerns about the main challenges of our time and discuss ways to develop viable solutions.

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Neighbourhood life: Let’s chat about it.

Royalmount is first and foremost designed for pedestrians and cyclists who, thanks to underground parking, can enjoy a car-free environment. Share your ideas and the best practices you’ve personally experienced. Together we can create a rich neighbourhood life.

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The commercial offer: Let’s chat about it.

Royalmount would like to create a commercial and cultural experience to complement the current offering in Montreal, bring totally new brands to the island and offer neighbourhood shops that will enrich local life. Tell us which businesses or services would make your life better. Is something missing in Montreal that would send you to the suburbs?

Resident involvement

Don’t miss the “Royalmount Let’s Chat ”consultations. It’s an opportunity to voice all your questions, share your ideas and contribute to a project that is both inspired by and inspiring for Montrealers.


We’d like to hear from you and talk to you, whether at upcoming consultations or right here. Share your feedback, ideas, thoughts and questions. We’re listening