Royalmount: Evolving with Montrealers

Royalmount is the result of a desire to create a world-class destination, a model of sustainable and responsible urban development, right here in Montréal. A project that embodies Montréal’s talent, that makes it attractive for people to live on the island, and that reduces urban sprawl.

At Carbonleo, we are proud Montrealers. We are also proud of our achievements. We have developed highly acclaimed, innovative projects where people live, work and play. We designed and built the new Four Seasons Hotel because we believe that downtown Montréal must remain strong and vibrant.

The public consultation held earlier this year by the Ville de Montréal concerning the Royalmount project clearly underscored the importance of residential zoning. Concerns were also raised about the project’s impact on traffic, the Quartier des spectacles and small merchants . 

Residents voiced their opinions, and we listened. We went back to the drawing board to enhance the project and make it a true community. 

We held numerous working sessions with the Town of Mount Royal and the Ville de Montréal  and collaborated with the Namur-De la Savane working group, in addition to holding discussions with the Ministère des Transports  and the Société de transport de Montréal. We spent hundreds of hours listening and discussing in order to strike the right balance between the residential, commercial, and cultural components. 

To create this community, we reduced Royalmount’s commercial footprint by 30%, cut office space by 65%, and scaled back the entertainment component by 35%. In addition, we increased green spaces and community infrastructures (parks, school, library, etc.) by 170%. 


Improvement through consultation 
On our own initiative, we spoke directly to Montrealers themselves.  Developing a real estate project of this scale is a colossal task, and we consciously chose to make it even more complex. 

That is why we brought in BRAC (Bureau de recherche, d’animation et de consultation), a well-respected specialized firm, to design and lead round table discussions with over 30 experts and stakeholders representing various areas of expertise. 

We received feedback from hundreds of residents, both online and in person, through consultation activities organized by another well-respected independent firm, Percolab. 

We were convinced that getting the public involved would be a rewarding experience, and it was. Thanks to these discussions, Royalmount is continuously improving. 

This consultation process will soon be coming to a close. Early next year, we will announce clear commitments that reflect what we have heard. Some private developers would be reluctant to take this approach, but we welcome the challenge and the opportunity to push our boundaries and create a project that is even more compelling. 


A forward-looking project 
Developing a 5-billion dollar project without consideration for sustainable development and mobility would be unthinkable. That is why we are striving for two LEED GOLD certifications, including the first in Canada for a commercial building. The site will be 100% accessible to pedestrians, and vertical forests will be integrated into all residential buildings.

One thing is certain: Royalmount will not be built with taxpayer dollars. In fact, it is currently one of the largest private real estate development projects in North America. Local and international investors have chosen to invest in Montréal, and that is something we can all be proud of.

To the thousands of motorists who use the overcrowded highways  15 and 40 each day: we are part of the solution. Our private investments are paving the way for public investments that will fix outdated infrastructures. We applaud the actions identified by government authorities to ease traffic congestion. They will benefit the entire area, including the Namur-Hippodrome project. These solutions include linking up Cavendish, extending the orange line, and building residential units close to where people work to reduce commuting.

We take concerns and questions about cultural and business activities very seriously. We have thought about and discussed ways to develop Montréal by adding new attractions while considering existing ones. Montréal is a city full of potential, and we have to think big when imagining its future. Our goal is to complement, not compete. 

We are entrepreneurs who reject the status quo. We hope we can dream about the Montréal of the future together. We will continue to listen and improve our project. As a private developer, we have a role to play, alongside the residents of the Town of Mount Royal and the Greater Montréal area, in fostering economic, social, and cultural prosperity that will meet society’s needs. And that is what we intend to do.

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