Montréal, July 23, 2020

A neighbourhood in the true spirit of Montreal: What is Royalmount?



Royalmount is an eco-innovative neighbourhood project. Developed with the desires and needs of the community in mind, it reflects the aspirations of Montrealers: it’s exciting, inspiring, green, and forward-looking. In this inclusive, human scale living environment, nature, architecture, and residents coexist harmoniously.

Any questions about our eco-friendly, residential, cultural and/or mobility components? We’re here to answer them and give you a better picture of this innovative and multifaceted project.


Eco Responsibility: Is Royalmount an eco-friendly project?

Highly involved in sustainable development, Royalmount is committed to a strong green vision. Inspired by the “POD” approach (Pedestrian-Oriented Development), a 3.8 km linear pedestrian path will make Royalmount fully pedestrian. The neighbourhood will also showcase green rooftops, an urban forest, vertical gardens, greenhouses, and urban farms. A farm-to-table program will allow an endless local supply of fresh food to restaurants of the community.

Initiatives such as geothermal energy use and a rainwater collection system will also be included to create a unique energy loop. With sustainable development objectives such as being 100% carbon neutral, Royalmount is aiming for double LEED Gold certification for its commercial buildings and a LEED ND certification for the overall project.  


Residential and cultural offerings: Is Royalmount more than a commercial project?

Combining urban design elements, garden city themes as well as cultural and residential offerings, Royalmount is a complete and thriving neighbourhood contributing to the diversification of the sector. The integration of year-round greenery goes hand-in-hand with new market realities focused on reducing commercial offerings. The neighbourhood will also provide accessible and modular green spaces for citizens, and an eco-innovative living environment of 4,500 housing units.

A lifestyle: how is Royalmount a microcosm?

Beyond its eco-innovative structure, Royalmount offers a complete living environment where one can live, work, and play. Offices, residential units, hotels, recreation areas, an office campus, a multifunctional venue with a 3,500-seat capacity, an aquarium and a community hub coexist in this space, creating a true microcosm in the heart of Montreal.


Transportation and mobility: How do we get there and how do we move around ?

To ease the access, a particular emphasis was placed on mobility and connecting infrastructure to surrounding neighbourhoods. Solutions to improve traffic flow around the site were also implemented  with different levels of government.  

Smooth traffic flow (both internal and external) and limited car use would be ensured with an electric and collective transportation service, 1.5 km of Bike paths connected to the city’s existing network, 500 bicycle parking spots, and a covered pedestrian and bicycle link connected to the De la Savane metro station. A 3.8 km pedestrian path, a delivery service using electric vehicles, and nearly 250 electric charging stations complete the neighbourhood’s diverse and environmentally responsible transportation system.

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